George Lopez Pokes Fun at President Trump's Son Barron and Social Media Chimes In

George Lopez didn't hide his feelings towards President Donald Trump with his latest post shared to social media.

Amid the ongoing immigration debate, the former Lopez Tonight host took aim at the president's family. The comedian and former sitcom star posted an animation to his Instagram account featuring Trump's former wife Ivana and current wife Melania labeled as immigrants, while his children were all marked as an "anchor baby."

The entire group also wore sombreros in a crudely Photoshopped manner.

The image comes amid the ongoing debate over the border and the immigration fight currently ongoing in Washington.

But for many, Lopez crossed the line when putting Trump's youngest son, Barron, in the crosshairs of his humor. Just don't think he's going to care too much about the criticism.

Many online were quick to blast the comedian for including Barron in the post, echoing past sentiments where some felt that the president's young son was "off limits."

"Tough guy like you the only thing a tough guy like you is you’re going to pick on someone’s kid?" one angry reply said on Lopez's post.

"Barron Trump, a Child, is 'Fair game' to you?" another asked. "Keep running your mouth about Trump's little boy and it'll get ugly!!"

TMZ caught up with Lopez after his post went live, asking him his thoughts on Barron Trump being fair game. His answer echoed many who have been inspired by the immigration standoff.

"Is it fair to put kids in cages? They're kids," Lopez told TMZ's cameraman. "You know what we can all agree on? Is that nobody is from here. Immigration has always been a problem and will continue to be a problem, but only targeting Latinos is not good.

Lopez was then asked what he thought about Trump's latest foray into foreign policy in Iran, with TMZ asking if he deserved credit for calling off a planned bombing.


"Hopefully this airs before he ends the world," Lopez said before entering his vehicle.

Trump raised the stakes on the immigration debate this week by announcing an impending ICE raid across the country, aiming to gather up 2,000 illegal immigrants. This dropped at the same time that more details were released revolving around detention centers at the border and the deaths of several migrant children. It also includes an online debate over whether the centers would be considered concentration camps.