Emily Ratajkowski Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors

Emily Ratajkowski has denied the rumors that she is pregnant after she made a cryptic Instagram [...]

Emily Ratajkowski has denied the rumors that she is pregnant after she made a cryptic Instagram post earlier this week.

The 26-year-old model posted a photo of herself sitting in an orange tree on Saturday, holding a one of the plump fruits in fruits in front of her abdomen and glaring at the camera.

"Bearing fruit," read the caption simply.

(Photo: Instagram / @emrata)

Many fans took the post as a subtle message that Ratajkowski, who got married in New york City in February, was pregnant. However, she squashed that rumor on Tuesday at the I Feel Pretty premiere.

"I wasn't thinking of that when I posted it," Ratajkowski told USA TODAY. "That's really sweet that people were so excited. I'm not pregnant."

Ratajkowski confessed that she thought she was being clever with the caption, and didn't expect it to be misconstrued.

"I was in a tree holding fruit. Instagram captions are not the easiest thing to come up with. And it seemed like the right one," says Ratajkowski. "I was bearing fruit."

The model broke into the film industry in 2014 when she appeared on Gone Girl. The following year, she appeared in the Entourage movie and We Are Your Friends with Zac Efron.

I Feel Pretty is her first major film role since then. Ratajkowski plays Mallory, a friend of Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer) Schumer's character holds up Mallory as the ideal standard of beauty, wishing to be like her.

The movie follows Renee Bennett as she struggles with insecurity and body dysmorphia. After suffering a nasty fall and hitting her head, she wakes up believing she is the most beautiful woman in the world. The result is a comedic journey showing just how far over-confidence can get a person.

The movie officially hits theaters on Friday, April 20. At the premiere, Ratajkowski said that she hopes to continue building her resume as an actress.

"I just want to continue to do great things," she said.

Ratajkowski shocked the world and defied convention by announcing her secret wedding through her Instagram story back in February. She and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, hadn't even publicly confirmed their relationship yet, though they had been seen together on Valentine's Day in an unmistakably romantic context.

"Soooo," she wrote in one Instagram story, continuing into the next, "I have a surprise. I got married today."

Since then, she has received even more skeptical comments about her Instagram posts, which are often revealing and racy. Ratajkowski says that beng promiscuous on Instagram doesn't make her a bad feminist.

"If anything, I wish the conversation was more wide-ranging rather than the same, 'How do you have an Instagram with lots of bikini snaps and still call yourself a feminist?' I'm like, that's the kind of question I'm sick of answering, but I'm not sick of feminism or Instagram," Ratajkowski told Vogue U.K. last summer.