Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Ryan Reynolds Bond Over Matching Chest Tattoos

If you haven't seen Hobbs and Shaw just yet, you might want to rectify that before reading any further. If you have, feel free to bask in the glow of brotherhood between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Ryan Reynolds.

Spoilers for Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw ahead.

The former WWE superstar and current action film god lifted a spoiler ban for the film and posted an interesting photo on his Instagram page alongside Reynolds according to PEOPLE.

"I’ve known this brilliant SOB for years and we jumped at the opportunity to mash up our tequila and gin chemistry to deliver some magic for the audience," The Rock wrote in the caption for the photo. "Thanks RR for helping make our lil’ spin-off movie, the #1 movie in the world."

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Reynolds also shared a similar photo, just with a different angle on the whole scene.

"I can only imagine how upset I was to discover this," Reynolds joked in the caption. The Deadpool star also earned a response from Johnson in the process, showing a bit of their friendship.

"You pull your shirt back to reveal our ink and it looks cool & sexy," The Rock wrote. "I pull my shirt back and it looks like an indicator that I eat women and children. And please stop calling me, Rebecca. What happened to our 'trust cone'?"

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This is far from Johnson's only playful relationship from his time making it in Hollywood. His relationship with co-star Kevin Hart is an insane level, to the point that Johnson is even dunking on Hart when they're not working together. The pair have starred in Central Intelligence and the Jumanji sequels together to this point, with more to come we're sure.

Reynolds is also no stranger to playful friendships with co-stars and rivals. His promotional tour with Jake Gyllenhaal for the film Life was the thing of legend as both cracked jokes back and forth. And his friendly rivalry with Hugh Jackman has taken hold on the big screen and small screen thanks to social media.


This budding brotherhood also gives the former wrestling superstar a chance to gloat about his spin-off from Fast and Furious becoming number one at the box office. It has been reported that Johnson and franchise star Vin Diesel did not get along during their last trip working together. The spin-off idea also dropped some cold water on the relationship, with rumors stating The Rock won't be returning to the main film series.

Luckily they've brought John Cena on-board to fill the former/current wrestler role, so all is well.