Deadliest Catch Star Posts Memorial Day Video About ‘Respect’ From On The Water

Deadliest Catch star Johnathan Hillstrand was one of many celebrities to pay tribute to fallen troops on Memorial Day.

Hillstrand, who is the captain of the FV Time Bandit, shared a 21-second clip on Twitter that shows the reality show star celebrating the holiday. Just as you might imagine, he's out on the water.

He's seen on a speedboat waving an American flag before turning the camera on himself.

"On this Memorial Day, Respect!" he captioned the post. He also shared a similar statement in the video, but it's a bit hard to hear over the sound of the wind rushing by the boat.

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His previous tweet was also about Memorial Day weekend.

He posted a photo showing off his black Camaro (which is painted up with some pirate-worthy skulls) and wished everyone a "fun and safe" weekend.

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The other members of the Deadliest Catch cast have been in the news lately for far less positive reasons.

Former Deadliest Catch star Jake Harris is now a wanted man after failing to appear on drug charges in Arizona. Harris was facing two felony drug possession charges in Phoenix, Arizona. He was previously arrested for suspected possession of meth after allegedly stealing a woman's car.

Sig Hansen was in some trouble of his own this week. Hansen was charged with misdemeanor assault and property destruction after an Uber incident. He has pleaded not guilty to chose charges.


Deadliest Catch is currently in the middle of its 13th season on Discovery Channel and airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

[h/t Twitter: @captjohnathan]