Fashion Brands Give Women Options to Rock the "Time's Up" Golden Globes Trend

The fashion industry didn't overlook the somber attire at the Golden Globes on Sunday, and some companies saw it as an opportunity to provide everyday consumers with similar styles.

Nearly all of the stars showed up to the awards ceremony donning black from head to toe. The dress code was coordinated as a protest in solidarity with the victims of systemic sexual assault. It came in the wake of the "Me Too" movement that dominated headlines in the fall, starting with the wave of allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

The morning after the Golden Globes, publicists for designers Monika Chiang and Anuja Tolia sent an email campaign showing off the trendy black options in their respective collections. The campaign sought to parallel the women-focused design with the displays of visual activism happening in Hollywood, allowing more women to join the movement.

"In honor of the blackout and a possible trend going forward for other shows in 2018," read one of the emails, "we've put together our favorite black heels and jewelry from our clients." It displayed affordable, stylish options for women looking to mimic the Hollywood trend seen everywhere at the Globes.

Also mentioned was LB Brand's "Rise of the Women" line, which features a variety of female-focused accessories. The line features an iPhone case with "Unstoppable" printed on it, a pair of "Rise of the Woman" sunglasses..

The concept of black attire started with the Time's Up campaign, a collective of high-profile women pursuing equal pay and representation across industries — not just in entertainment.

While the creators used the momentum of the past three months to get started, Time's Up has already achieved some concrete goals, including raising over $15 million for their legal defense fund, which provides support for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.