'Botched' Doctor Terry Dubrow Expresses Concern About Cardi B's Plastic Surgery Woes

Botched plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow is worried about Cardi B following complications from [...]

Botched plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow is worried about Cardi B following complications from procedures she had done recently. The reality TV doctor appeared on TMZ Live where he weighed in on the musician's recent reveal that she's suffering from swollen feet and ankles, among other complications.

Dubrow said Cardi B's symptoms could be a sign of more serious health issues, which the "Money" singer shouldn't ignore. He noted that it's been some time since the 26-year-old New York native underwent a breast augmentation and liposuction, and she shouldn't still be dealing with complications from either procedure. Dubrow suggested that she see her doctor, and soon.

"The question is, why is she still having complications this far out from a breast augmentation and liposuction? The fact that her legs are still this swollen indicates that there's something more going on than we're hearing about because there's an obstruction of the flow back to the heart," he said on the program. "That means there's a problem from the liposuction that we don't know about. I recommend that Cardi B get seen very quickly. Plastic surgery is as serious as any other surgery, like cardiac surgery or heart surgery and to treat it like that."

Dubrow continued, "If you don't behave it can result in a really serious complication that can compromise your life."

The advice comes days after Cardi B shared a photo of her swollen feet and ankles on social media over the weekend. She blamed the swelling on frequent flying, and used it as an opportunity to show fans why she'd been forced to postpone shows after having the procedures done.

The post came after her own surgeon, Dr. Daniel Barrett told Hollywood Life Cardi B's vigorous exercising — or performing — was a major no-no after such serious procedures. He explained that not taking the time to heal after having the surgeries could lead to serious complications, including "internal bleeding and extensive swelling."

"Extensive exercise (or performing) after surgery can cause internal bleeding and extensive swelling. We also advise patients not to drink alcohol or be around cigarette smoke post-procedure," he told Hollywood Life.

Barrett continued, "Rest! The body needs time to relax and heal. Extensive exercise or raising the heart rate after surgery isn't advised. If she is experiencing any post-procedure infection, she may be taking an antibiotic or have extended wound care if things aren't healing right."

Cardi B's rep addressed her surgeries on May 21, admitting that she was "overzealous in getting back to work" after going under the knife. Doing so took a toll on Cardi B's body, and doctors were forced to step in. The rapper was reportedly warned to stop performing and will return to the stage "in September."