'Blue Bloods' Alum Bridget Moynahan Blasts Trump Administration Over Capitol Riot

Blue Bloods star Bridget Moynahan is speaking out following Wednesday’s riots on Capitol Hill. The chaos, erupting amid a joint congressional session to certify the electoral count, left four people dead and several injured, with the Capitol building being placed on lockdown after rioters pushed through barricades. As the scene unfolded, Moynahan, who portrays Erin Reagan on the CBS police procedural drama, took to social media to slam the Trump administration.

Writing that she was "saddened and shocked" but "not at all surprised," Moynahan placed the blame for Wednesday’s events on the Trump administration. Sharing a headline from The Washington Post reporting on the Capitol lockdown, she called it "a homegrown domestic terrorist attack," and blasted it for "not being handled." She said, "these antics are deplorable and dangerous to our country.” She also shared a text piece asking if those who took place in the riots would be held accountable “or are they going to get a complete pass for it all." Washington, D.C., Police Chief Robert Contee confirmed during a Wednesday news conference that 52 people had been arrested.

The riots broke out Wednesday afternoon and halted a meeting of Congress to certify the Electoral College results of November's presidential election. Prior to the riots, Trump in mid-December had called for "wild" protests on Jan. 6. Earlier Wednesday, Trump had addressed the crowd, stating, "We will never give up. We will never concede," adding, "we are going to walk down to the Capitol." Over the course of several hours, rioters stormed the Capitol, many waving Trump flags, some even carrying confederate flags. As the chaos continued, Trump, in a since-deleted video shared to his Twitter account, reiterated baseless claims of voter fraud and called those rioting "very special," adding, "We love you."

Moynahan was far from the only person to blast the Trump administration Wednesday. Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who was preparing to speak on the Senate floor when rioters breached the Capitol, said in an interview with CBS News, "the [one to] blame for this is Donald Trump. He is the one that has been spreading conspiracy theories. He is the one that is rejecting the results of this election which has been certified by all 50 governors, it is this president who has incited his supporters to this violence." Republican senator Mitt Romney described the storming of the Capitol as "an insurrection, incited by the president of the United States."

After the Capitol was cleared and declared secure, congressional leaders returned to the chambers to continue the electoral count, which was officially certified just before 4 a.m. Thursday. President-elect Joe Biden won 306-232. He will be inaugurated on Jan. 20.