Ariana Grande Reacts to Hilarious Coronavirus Hand-Washing Meme About Her

Ariana Grande has responded to the latest meme about herself washing her hands amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. The singer was mocked for her penchant for over-sized sweaters in a clip that showed hands being washed with sleeves hanging over them. She had a dry response on Instagram.

Grande is known for a few distinctive style choices that are usually included in her outfits. Among them is her love for big, baggy shirts and sweaters. Grande is often seen with a hoodie hanging down to her knees, with her fingers just barely emerging from the ends of long sleeves.

As hand-washing became a leading topic of conversation recently, some fans connected these dots. A viral video shows small feminine hands going under a faucet with sweater sleeves cover them. They become soaked as the person washes their hands under the water, making viewers everywhere vicariously uncomfortable.

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The video was re-posted by Paper Magazine this week, where it finally got a comment from Grande. The singer wrote a simple "hate u all" to get her message across.

In just a couple of days, Grande's sardonic comment got over 16,000 likes from fans, and over 300 comments. Many assured Grande that it was all in good fun, in case she had any doubt.

"Nah girl we love youuu," one person wrote.

"It's so funny," added another with a heart emoji.

"You know you do that so stop," wrote a third.

Grande made no further mention of the meme during a busy weekend on social media, nor did she weigh in on the mounting concerns over the Coronavirus, or COVID-19.

According to the latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Coronavirus has been reported in 19 states in the U.S., including some community-acquired cases with unknown sources. This means that preventative practices are more important than ever.

The experts recommend frequent, thorough hand-washing with soap and hot water, lasting at least 20 seconds. They also advise people to avoid touching their own faces, as that is often the point at which people contract the disease.


According to a report by NBC News, the first case of Coronavirus was reported in Washington, D.C. this weekend, and the Italian government has now placed a quarter of its population under lockdown. That includes about 16 million people.

According to a report by The Hartford Courant, a New York woman who works at hospitals in Connecticut was confirmed to have the Coronavirus on Friday, and officials say she may have come into contact with a "limited number" of patients and employees at both facilities, sparking fear that the disease will soon spread to that state as well. This would leave only Maine unaffected in the northeast.