Alexandra Daddario Opens up About Her Love for Dogs, Spreading Awareness for Sheltered Pets (Exclusive)

Alexandra Daddario has been one of the hardest-working women in Hollywood for the last few years. [...]

Alexandra Daddario has been one of the hardest-working women in Hollywood for the last few years. She gained popularity for her recurring role in the series True Detective and has gone on to star in films such as San Andreas, Baywatch, The Layover and When We First Met. And as much as she loves acting, Daddario has a passion for dogs and is making sure sheltered pets receive love on National Make a Dog's Day (Oct. 22).

"Throughout October, Subaru encourages dog adoption and they are also celebrating the Underdogs, who are the last-to-be-adopted shelter dogs (dogs with special needs, senior dogs, dogs with physical challenges, and so on)," Daddario said exclusively to via email. "And on Oct. 22, Subaru invites dog owners to do something special for their dog and share their happy dog on social using [hastag MakeADogsDay]." Daddario also said that she's "obsessed with dogs," and thinks "it's such a great cause that Subaru is doing, for people to go out and adopt."

It's clear Daddario wants all dogs to be loved, and if it was up to her, she would adopt multiple dogs. "I love to adopt and foster dogs," Daddario stated. "My travel schedule makes it hard to have more than one permanent dog, but I would adopt every dog if I could." For now, the 34-year old actress is the owner of one dog, Levon. Daddario said she adopted Levon at when he was 2-years old from a rescue group.

"When I was there, a woman who worked there told me I could take him for the weekend," Daddario explained. "And then the second he was in my house, I fell in love with Levon and he never went back to the shelter." Levon is all over Daddario's Instagram account, but he also's busy keeping up with his own Instagram page which has over 48,000 followers. "Levon is definitely a huge star," Daddario said. "I'd be honored if he passed me in followers, I would be extremely happy for him."

With Daddario raising awareness for sheltered pets one would think she had her share of animals growing up. That wasn't the case, but when she moved to Los Angeles, Daddario became active in adopting dogs. "I didn't have any pets growing up, so it wasn't until after I moved to LA and was on my own that I really got into dog adoption," she said. "In my downtime, I like to go to shelters and volunteer my time to help and use my platform to encourage people to adopt."