Celine Dion Fans Wondering If Her New Hairdo Is a Wig or Not

Celine Dion was one of 10 people chosen to grace the various covers of the September issue of Harper's BAZAAR, with the singer sporting a sleek bowl cut in her photographs.

Her cover shot found her wearing an oversized neon green jacket, boyfriend jeans and a pair of white ankle booties, her hair slicked back and a graphic slick of winged eyeliner complementing the look.

In a second photo, she wore a striped Marc Jacobs dress and polka dotted cape, and donned an Alexander McQueen tuxedo jacket with long tails for a third, her hair cut short and sleek in each shot.

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Dion's new 'do is almost definitely a wig, something a few fans pondered about in the comments.

"Elle c vraiment couper les cheveux comme sa?" wrote one, wondering in French if Dion had really cut her hair.

"Ce sont ses cheveux?" commented another, asking where the diva's hair was, to which several people responded that she was wearing a "perruque," or a wig.

Others simply praised the Canadian star for her fearless look.

"ROCK THAT SHORT HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" one wrote, while another gushed, "YES FASHION! Celine looks like she has been having so much fun!

"[Oh my God] YAS KWEEN," commented a third fan. "Wasn't able to recognize you at first [laughing out loud]."

"Omg this hair. It’s perfecttttt," added another. "Bring it back to this!"

Some of her followers were not fans of Dion's look, though the star previously noted in an interview with The Sun earlier this year that her high fashion approach is not about “trying to take chances” but instead about finding outfits that make her “feel attractive”.

“I’m doing this for me," she said. "I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy.”

Many of Dion's fans stepped in to defend her amid the criticism for her boundary-pushing style, with one writing, "You people in these comments. If y’all don’t leave my good sis alone she minding her damn business and collecting a bag. Get off her page if You don’t like it."

"It’s a photo shoot. This is not the first time Celine has pushed her own boundaries of fashion, makeup and some fun with wigs. Real fans who have been fans for 20+ years would know this. This is [Celine Dion] having a lot of fun. I love it. Bravo."


"Such a shame that women would spend so much time and energy tearing another woman down," someone else pointed out.

Photo Credit: Harper's BAZAAR