Kristen Bell Holds Back Laughter as Husband Dax Shepard Explains Cursing to Their Daughter

Kristen Bell had fans in stitches this weekend as she shared an awkward learning moment between [...]

Kristen Bell had fans in stitches this weekend as she shared an awkward learning moment between her daughters and her husband, Dax Shepard. Bell recorded her own face reacting as Shepard tried to explain the concept of swear words to 6-year-old Lincoln and 5-year-old Delta. The result was a viral clip for the ages.

Bell had a hard time staying serious as her daughters learned about swearing on Friday. Unlike on her show, The Good Place, swears do not get automatically changed to "fork" and "shirt" in Bell's house, and her daughter's had to learn. For Bell, it was not easy to keep a straight face.

"He says this if 'f—,'" one of Bell's daughters said in the video. "He says that every time in school."

"He does? He's naught," Shepard replied seriously, as Bell covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

"The teacher says that's a bad word," the youngster went on.

"Yeah, that's not a nice word," Shepard said. "You know, that's a naughty finger and I never see you do that. It makes me so proud that you know that, yet you don't do it. Well, you did it a couple of times when you were young, before you knew it was a naughty word."

The whole time, Bell recorded herself pursing her lips, averting her eyes and trying to resist smiling through the hilarious teaching moment. She added text over the video, explaining how much this moment meant to her as a mom and a comedian.

"I have been waiting for this conversation since the day I got pregnant," she confessed. "The one where we talk about what fingers mean what when u hold em up."

Fans were charmed by the exchange as well, although some felt for Bell's daughters as it sounded like they might be describing a bully at school who "laughs at everything I do."

This was yet another example of why Bell and Shepard are a beloved celebrity couple, and how their take on parenting has made them into real-life stars outside of their TV shows. Additionally, their take on marriage is refreshing to many as well, as Bell recently shared in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"My husband literally said to me this morning — I mean, were 13 years in but he's gotten it now — he woke up 10 minutes after I did and I was scrambling to get out of the house and he said as he was like, rising out of bed, he said, 'Is there anything I can help you do to help you get out of the house on time?'" Bell said. "And I was like, 'Are you trying to make me horny right now? What are you doing?'"

"Acts of service to other people are also very sexy, but if you pour your coffee and hand me a mug as well, I'm there," she added.