Dog the Bounty Hunter: 'Baby Lyssa' Chapman Reveals Daughter Abbie's Senior Prom Photos

Another 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' baby is here! 'Baby Lyssa' Chapman has a baby of her own and she's [...]

Another 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' baby is here! 'Baby Lyssa' Chapman has a baby of her own and she's all grown up, as she revealed with her senior prom photos on Instagram last weekend.

The Chapman family's daughter and Dog the Bounty Hunter star Lyssa Rae Chapman was a proud mom last weekend when she sent her own daughter, Abbie, off to prom. She posted five photos of her teenage daughter on Instagram, including two from inside the car and three others with a boy who was presumably her date. The pair looked stunning in matching red ensembles.

"Senior Prom! #SoManyFeels," Chapman wrote.

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Senior prom! #SoManyFeels

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This was a rare peek into Chapman's personal life, as her Instagram feed usually consists of promotional material. Chapman gave birth to Abbie the day after her own fifteenth birthday, her father Duan "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman later revealed. In his book, You Can Run But You Can't Hide, he explained that Abbie's father was 24 at the time of conception. He was arrested for statutory rape.

In the meantime, Lyssa wrote a book of her own titled Walking on Eggshells: Discovering Strength and Courage Amid Chaos. She had another child with Brahman "Bo" Galanti before they divorced, and last year she became engaged to Leiana Evensen.

Fans have followed Lyssa's journey with interest in the last few years, watching the reality TV child known as "Baby Lyssa" grow into an adult. Many have left encouraging comments throughout the process of coming out publicly with her relationship with Evensen. Those same fans fawned over the prom photos of Abbie, saying she looked just like her mother.

"She's a knockout really I haven't seen her since she was a little kid and she was cute then," one fan wrote. "You should be proud, absolutely stunningly beautiful and she looks like you, spot on just like you."

"Baby Lyssa, there is no mistake that this is your daughter," wrote another.

"Awe Lyssa!!! She's so beautiful!!! I remember watching her on the show and she was just a lil girl then," a third person commented. "I feel like she just grew up over night. Lol. She's so pretty tho and she seems like such a good girl."

Lyssa and Evensen own and operate a tanning salon together. It is unclear what role she might play in the family's upcoming TV endeavors.