Ryan Reynolds Shares His Favorite Move for Washboard Abs While Prepping for 'Deadpool 2'

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Ryan Reynolds is gearing up for Deadpool 2, and if that alone isn’t enough to wet your whistle, a sneak peek at his workout will do the trick.

The 40-year-old actor hit the gym with celebrity trainer Don Saladino on Friday to share one of his favorite moves during movie prep.

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And though we didn’t get a peek at those washboard abs of his, watching this video on repeat suddenly makes us thirsty. Weird, huh?

So what exactly is Reynolds doing in this snap? Saladino writes that it’s called a reverse crunch with a lift. It engages your core to work the abdominal muscles.

He suggests saving this move for the end of your ab day workout, starting with three sets of 10-15 reps. If the lift motion causes you to compromise form, cut it out and finish the sets with the reverse crunch only.

Though Reynolds makes it look like a breeze, this move is fairly difficult to execute with such control. It should look like a fluid movement, but be careful not to rely on momentum to hike yourself up! To get the most out of this move, you should feel tension in your core through the entirety of your workout. It’s the part of your body that’s getting the benefit; make it do all the work!

If you aren’t quite figuring it out, our best suggestion is one you’ll like: just watch Reynolds on repeat until you feel confident… It might take a long, long, long while, but you’ll get there!


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