Watch: Braun Strowman Accidentally Breaks Greatest Royal Rumble Trophy on RAW

The destructive ability of Braun Strowman is already the stuff of WWE legend. However, his latest demolishing was a total accident.

Strowman's new favorite activity is to lap around WWE's ring at top speed and flatten anything that he happens to run into. Well, on RAW, not only did he steamroll Drew McIntyre, but also his Greatest Royal Rumble trophy.

The trophy has been the subject of mockery since it was introduced, and by watching it crumble after a low impact fall may have revealed it's cheap manufacturing. Regardless, Twitter had fun at its demise.

Now that the trophy has fallen, we can safely say the Strowmans GRR win, while fun, is now officially meaningless. WWE did craft him a big green belt, but that hasn't seen the light of day since WWE returned from Saudi Arabia. chances are that's where it still is.

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