'SNL' Host Kristen Stewart Addresses How Her Past F-Bomb Happened Ahead of Second Appearance

Kristen Stewart relived an awkward moment from her last Saturday Night Live appearance ahead of her hosting duties this weekend. The Charlie's Angels star made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Thursday where she showed off her half of the elaborate couples costume she shared with her girlfriend. She described the ensemble as "socially irrelevant heteronormative gender roles... that are dead!"

After some talk of Halloween traditions, the pair started to talk about the upcoming episode of the NBC variety sketch series. Stewart admitted she was "stoked" to return as host for the second time.

"I feel less palpitation-y this time," Stewart said of her nerves before the Nov. 2 episode.

Fallon also took the opportunity during the interview to ask Stewart about the awkward moment during her first time hosting the show where she accidentally said the f- word during the broadcast.

"There was a little, tiny hiccup at the beginning after your monologue," he began, before Stewart interrupted him saying, "I should just hiccup through my whole monologue this time," before proceeding to hiccup repeatedly.

Fallon brought it back to the topic, adding: "I don't know if you remember. You cursed a little bit."

"Well, now I'm getting reprimanded again," Stewart said, before Fallon asked her to elaborate on what happened.

"I was feeling really present and in the moment, so I didn't blank. I actually was really giving her," she said. "It was like the one time I stepped off the teleprompter, cause it said "the end," and I go like, "Anyway I'm really excited,' but instead of 'really' I said not that.'"

"I had like, numerous people come up to me like four different times before the show because I had been, like, kinda stumbling through rehearsal, 'cause I was really self-conscious and embarrassed, and I was like 'I can't do this until it's the moment,' and like 'game on,'" she continued. "So they were like 'you can't do that on the show, you can't do that on the show,' and I did it on the show."

Fallon then said that obviously she made an impressions since she was asked to return alongside musical guest Coldplay for this week's episode. Stewart also shared a hilarious anecdote about seeing the rock group rehearse for the upcoming show and meeting frontman Chris Martin for the first time.


Stewart's episode is set to air Saturday, Nov. 2 at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.