'SNL' Fans Call For ‘Mom’ Star Allison Janney to Play ‘Handsome Smile’ Lady From Donald Trump Town Hall

President Donald Trump may have refused to denounce the QAnon conspiracy theory movement during Thursday night's NBC town hall in Miami, but voter Paulette Dale stole the show. The registered Republican who was undecided asked the president about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, but also mentioned Trump is "handsome" when he smiles. The moment seems ripe for parody on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and some fans think they know exactly who could play Dale.

Saturday Night Live's Season 46 cast includes 20 actors, including some who excel in impersonating celebrities. While Heidi Gardner or Kate McKinnon could easily play Dale, fans decided Allison Janney should play the part. The Mom actress, who has an Oscar for her performance in I, Tonya, has never appeared on the show. However, Gardner did impersonate Janney in the 2018 "Oscar Host Auditions" sketch.

This season has shown SNL's willingness to bring on celebrity guests to play major roles alongside the main cast. In addition to Alec Baldwin returning to play Trump again, Jim Carrey joined the show to play Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Former cast member Maya Rudolph returned to play Biden's running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris. Regular cast member Beck Bennett is still playing Vice President Mike Pence this season.

Dale's viral moment lit up Twitter Thursday night, but she later told the Miami New Times she plans to vote for Biden once Florida's early voting period starts. "I wish he would smile more and talk less," Dale told the New Times, adding that Trump "steps in it every time he opens his mouth." Dale said she thinks Trump has a "nice smile," but she is "not a fan."


After Dale's comment about Trump's smile, she asked him about DACA, also known as the "Dreamers" program. Although there are polls showing support for the program, Trump's administration has sought to end it. "We are working very hard on the DACA program and you will be, I think, very happy over the course of the next year because I feel the same way that you do about it," Trump replied. Dale said she appreciated Trump's answer but it was not enough to get her vote.

This week's Saturday Night Live episode is hosted by Insecure star Issa Rae, with Justin Bieber performing. The new episode kicks off at 11:30 p.m. ET Saturday on NBC. The network plans to air new episodes every Saturday for the rest of the month, including Halloween.