'Roseanne' Revival: See How 'Second Becky' Sarah Chalke Will Fit In

When the Roseanne revival series was first announced many people wondered how the "second Becky," Sarah Chalke, would fit into the series, and now we have the answer.

Chalke will be featured in the nine-episode revival as a married, middle-class woman that decides to hire Becky (played by role-originating actress Lecy Goranson) as her pregnancy surrogate.

"I love the part! It's such a fun part to play," Chalke told Entertainment Weekly. "I was so excited to hear that it was coming back. I think the timing is perfect. I think it's exactly what is needed right now. Right now when the country is so divided, I really think it's a show that brings people together. The writing is so unbelievable. It's so funny."

Goranson left the series after season six to go to college and that's when Chalke stepped into the role of Becky Conner.

New details were also recently revealed about the kids playing Darlene and David's children on the new series.

Based on new photos shared exclusively with TV Line, we can see that Darlene (Sara Gilbert) has apparently moved back home and brought her 14-year-old daughter Harris Healy and her gender-fluid son, Mark.

Darlene's daughter is played by Emma Kenney, and her son is played by Ames McNamara.

Kenney, who is 18 years old in real life, is most well-known for her role on Shameless, playing the youngest Gallagher daughter on Showtime's hit series. She also appeared in a couple episodes of HBO's Boardwalk Empire, as well as voiced a character in the 2013 animated film Epic.

McNamara, on the other hand, is a newcomer, with his only prior role being in one episode of the TruTV series At Home with Amy Sedaris.

In the ninth season of Roseanne's original run, fans were first introduced to Harris when Darlene gave birth to her prematurely. In the new series, the character is said to be described as a "hellion and the spitting image of her mother."


The younger of Darlene's children, Mark, is characterized decidedly different. He's said to be "sensitive and bright," with an interest in sometimes wearing more feminine clothing.

You can catch the whole family when the Roseanne revival returns to ABC on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.