'Just Shoot Me!' Cast Reunites for Dinner

The cast of NBC's Just Shoot Me! got together for a reunion dinner last night at Craig's in West Hollywood.

The stars seem to have been gathering just for old times' sake, though they had fun joking with the TMZ reporters about Blush Magazine making a comeback through a merger with Disney.

David Spade, Wendie Malick, Enrico Colantoni George Segal, and Laura San Giacomo were all among those in attendance. The group must have become pretty tight-knit — they made seven seasons of their sitcom in six years, a feat worth bragging about. Just Shoot Me! ran from 1997 to 2003.

The former co-stars have plenty to celebrate. Spade has two movies on the way, including Warning Shot which is still slated for release this year. Malick currently has roles on three successful TV series, including Bojack Horseman, and San Giacomo is currently working on both NCIS and Animal Kingdom. Colantoni has a die-hard following on Travelers, while Segal is on The Goldbergs.

This isn't the first time the Just Shoot Me! cast has gotten together. In 2013 they got a lot of fans' hopes up by posing for a picture together on Spades' Instagram.


Just shoot me reunion lunch on monday.

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If there's any possibility of them rebooting their old hit this time, they were tight-lipped about it.