Jimmy Kimmel Mocks President Trump's State of the Union Speech With Scathing Comments

Jimmy Kimmel used most of his monologue on Tuesday night to comment on President Trump's State of the Union Address, mocking the speech for a cheering crowd.

Jimmy Kimmel Live kicked off with some rapid-fire jokes about the State of The Union Address on Tuesday, complete with rim shots from the band. Kimmel mocked President Trump for many aspects of his speech, and generally implied that the whole thing was futile as Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation closes in. He began with material about the sheer length of the speech, which was 82 minutes long.

"This was a long speech, a really long speech. His speech was longer than his tie," Kimmel began. "He spoke for so long, Robert Mueller handed down another 5 indictments. He spoke for longer than he was married to Marla Maples."

He later added that "without the forced applause breaks," the speech "would have been like seven minutes long."

"There was so much clapping, because [republicans] know he's going to go home and he's going to see who was clapping and who was not," he said.

The punchlines continued, as Kimmel mocked the president's rhetoric on immigration, which echoed many of his talking points from the past.

"Trump talked more about fighting aliens tonight than Sigourney Weaver," he said.

Likey many Americans, Kimmel also noted the stark difference from the scene framed in President Trump's previous addresses, with congresswoman Nancy Pelosi now sitting behind him instead of former Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. After the Democratic victories in the house in 20198, Kimmel joked that Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence now "sat there like Mom and Dad, the first Thanksgiving after the divorce."

Kimmel touched on many of the night's other biggest talking points, including the economy, HIV and the "choosing greatness" theme. He also turned to one of the most viral moments from the night, when the president gave his administration credit for creating many new jobs occupied by women. At that point, many of the freshman congresswomen, who were wearing white in honor of the suffragette movement, stood up and cheered.

"I haven't seen an audience full of women that happy since Oprah gave a bunch of Pontiacs away," Kimmel joked.


Kimmel was not the only late night host to tackle the lengthy address on Tuesday night. On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon performed a skit parodying a post-game analysis in sports reporting.

Meanwhile, on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert stayed up late for a special live episode, delivering a monologue on the State of the Union that was nearly 16 minutes long.