Did 'Homeland' Creator Alex Gansa Hint About a Spinoff Series After Series Finale?

Following the series finale of Showtime's hit drama series Homeland, it seems that creator Alex Gansa may have hinted about a possible spinoff series. While speaking to Gansa THR's Michael O'Connell said, "Some finales go for absolute closure, but this one opens up the possibility for so much more storytelling." He then asked, "Is that the kind of ending you prefer?"

Gansa replied, "One of our big thoughts too was allowing these characters to live on in the imaginations of our fans. There is comfort in this, because the story doesn't end. It closes, but it doesn't end. Carrie and Saul's life continues, more in our audience's minds than it ever is going to live in a film or another season. I don't think that's going to happen. It might. It does leave open that possibility, obviously." While Gansa isn't necessarily saying that a spinoff will happen, or is even in development, his response seems to imply that it is a possibility.

Gans also commented on whether or not he planned to read fan reactions to the big finale episode, as well as how the cast and crew's plans to get together to watch the finale got sidelined because of coronavirus quatantine. "The sad thing is that all of us in Los Angeles were going to get together and watch together. Now that's going to be a solitary experience for all of us," he said. "I will definitely be watching. And I know I'm not going to be able to resist checking out what people say on Monday. Fingers crossed that people are satisfied with the resolution. I don't know. It's the end, and I'm going to break my iron-clad rule about going on social media and seeing what people are saying. I'm really curious to see how people are going to respond."


Regarding what is next for the creator, Gans joked, "If I get a paragraph done in a day, it's a good day." He then added, "Howard [Gordon] and I started a company. We made a deal at Sony, and we are in the process of developing a bunch of shows — none of which we are writing yet, but we're supervising. We're trying to figure out what our next project is. We've got a couple of contenders and we're just trying to figure out what the next show looks like. Obviously, it's so influenced by what we're all living through right now. What feels relevant? What is the next narrative to tell? Can you ignore or avoid what's happening to us right now? Especially on the heels of Homeland, where we had the privilege to comment contemporaneously on what's happening in the world. That's a tough act to follow."