'Gotham' Actor Anthony Carrigan Reveals Whether He'd Ever Reprise Victor Zsasz (Exclusive)

Anthony Carrigan has been a rising Hollywood star over the past few years and there's no denying that his role as DC's sadomasochistic and psychopathic serial killer Victor Zsasz on Gotham helped launch his current trajectory. During a recent interview with PopCulture.com for his new movie Fatherhood, Carrigan opened up about his time on the show, admitting it was a "fun [character] to play and to develop."

Further sharing his thoughts of filming on the first day, Carrigan adds he knew it would be a blast from the get-go. "That first scene that I shot where I stand up in the GCPD, on the desk, I was like, 'This is gonna be a good time,'" he said. While Gotham had its series finale in 2019, when asked if he'd ever play Zsasz again, Carrigan replied without hesitation: "Yeah, for sure. I had so much fun doing it." Going on to speak further of the role, Carrigan revealed it's a role that certainly left its impact. "When you're hanging up your costume, it's a little bittersweet," he said before stating if he had the chance to jump back into Zsasz's shoes, he would. "The opportunity to go back would be fantastic. I'm all for it."

While it's unclear if any Gotham character will ever return to TV, a brand new Gotham PD series is currently in development from Matt Reeves, the director of the forthcoming Batman film starring Robert Pattinson. Reeves will executive produce the series alongside screenwriter Terence Winter (The Wolf of Wall Street, The Sopranos). In a statement to Variety, Reeves revealed details behind the "amazing opportunity," stating it will be exciting "not only to expand the vision of the world" currently created within his film but "explore it in the kind of depth and detail that only a long-form format can afford." He continued that getting to work with the "incredibly talented" Terence Winter, "who has written so insightfully and powerfully about worlds of crime and corruption," will be an "absolute dream."

As for Carrigan, he's been swamped over the recent years starring in Barry for HBO, as well as Bill & Ted Face the Music, and now turning up in the new Netflix dramedy, Fatherhood, which co-stars Kevin Hart and Lil Rel Howery. The film tells the real-life story of Matt Logelin, a man who documented life raising his young daughter after his wife died shortly after childbirth. In the movie, Carrigan and Howery play the best friends to Hart's widower-dad.

During his conversation with PopCulture.com, Carrigan shared that he definitely felt the film's emotional weight when reading the script but noted that the "beautiful thing" about it was how well it "toed the line of handling" the subject matter. "I cried reading the script, but then at the next scene, I'd be laughing, like doubled over, because it manages to just find such a balance of both. I think that that there's something in this movie for everyone."


While Fatherhood deals with heavy subject material, Carrigan notes there's so much more to it than its saddest moments. "At the same time, it's also really inspiring, and you walk away from it feeling uplifted and happy too, so that's an important thing to identify as well."

Fatherhood is now streaming, only on Netflix. For more on Anthony, check out the interview above, and be sure to stay tuned to PopCulture.com for the latest in celebrity news and entertainment, 24/7.