'Game of Thrones': Will the Night King Die?

The big question heading into tonight's major episode of Game of Thrones is who will live and who will die? But while we all have our major heroes lined up as sacrificial lambs, what will happen to the big bad?

Possible spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8, episode 3 ahead.

Will the Night King die at Winterfell? Does the name carry more meaning than it would seem? We've seen the leader of the White Walkers terrorize and threaten Westeros for seven seasons to this point, so it would seem odd to just kill him in the middle of the final season.

But what if he's not the biggest bad in the entire series? What if she's been hanging around and doing evil this entire time.

What do we know about who is at Winterfell? Right now, Bran Stark is technically the arch-nemesis to the Night King and one of the main goals for his march south into Westeros. He also wants to extinguish all life and initiate an age of darkness, but that is beside the point.

Also present is Jon Snow, the other main foil to the White Walker leader and the King of the North. He's bending the knee to his girlfriend and aunt at the moment, but he's still the sheriff in those parts and he's out to stop the Army of the Dead from sweeping through the land of the living. He likes living and he seems to like Westeros well enough despite his disagreements with a few of its inhabitants.

Out of those two, it would seem more likely that Snow is the one who could take down the King if he's to die tonight. But there are others who might stand a chance.

Valyrian steel can take down a White Walker, as can dragonglass/obsidian. Most of the forces on the battlefield have the latter at the moment, but there are only so many Valyrian blades out there. Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth both have their own blades, but they will be standing on the front lines against the Wights. Snow has his own and has already been mentioned, but he's also around with Sam Tarly who stole his father's Valyrian blade from their home -- his father won't miss it since Daenery's already burned him alive.


The wild card blade is Arya Stark's dagger. It was gifted to her by her brother Bran at the start of the last season, made appearances, and ties into the beginning of the series. She's ready to rock at Winterfell and could play spoiler.

That said, there is magic at play here. And the Night King has proven to be very pesky and very tough to kill in the past. If he does die at Winterfell, expect it to be a moment we'll be talking about until the series ends. It will be a shocker.