'Chicago Med' Loses Another Major Character

Despite a season three finale cliffhanger teasing at a possible departure from Dr. Connor Rhodes, it was another series regular who packed their bags by the end of the season 4 premiere of Chicago Med.

Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) took her final walk out of Med following the events of her walking into her father, Robert Haywood's (Michel Gill) room to find him collapsed on the floor from a cardiac episode as Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) watched, seemingly willing to let him die.

Off-screen, we assume Charles has gone to the police about his suspicions that Robert was involved in the serial murders of some of his students, and viewers see as the police, accompanied by the doctors arrive at his apartment to find the evidence of his crimes.

(Photo: NBC/Elizabeth Sisson)

As this happens, however, Reese can be seen angrily walking away from Charles. He may have been right about her father, but was still in the wrong for even considering letting him die.

Later in the episode, Reese barges into Charles' office for her file and announces she is leaving Med to finish her studies at Baylor.

"People here will always look at me like, there's that doctor, the one whose father murdered those girls," she said to her mentor. "I couldn't live like that."

Charles tries to urge her to stay, but she can't look past the fact the man she looked up to kept his suspicions about her estranged father from her for such a long time.

"All that time you suspected my father. You never told me anything," Reese said.

"I was trying to protect you until I was absolutely certain..." Charles said, trying to justify his actions.

"I can't trust you. I can never trust you..." she said. "Every time I see your face I will remember when I walked into that room and saw my father on the floor... I saw it in your eyes. You were going to let him die."

Then she walks away from Charles and leaves, seemingly for the last time. Given that DiPillo was billed as a guest star for the season premiere, we can assume she will not be back for a while.

Later in the episode, as Charles is visibly upset about Reese leaving, Noah (Roland Buck III) comes to his office saying he's getting her things from the hospital. He says that he always thought a relationship between him and Reese might happen but things kept happening to her that stopped it from happening.

He tells Charles that she always talked about how Charles moved her to the psych department and took her under his wing, adding at the end, "You were the father she always wanted.

Despite the bitter exit, Reese may not be gone forever as in the episodes final moments Charles visits a prison and finds Robert in the medical wing. He lets the criminal know that Reese is leaving, though he seems to not care as he blames her for his current prison sentence.

"When I was having my heart attack, you weren't going to save me, were you?" Robert tells Charles. "You were going to let me die."

He then asks Charles to finish the job since he doesn't want to stain prison. But Charles tells him he will adjust to his new life, as all psychopaths do.


As for Rhodes? He didn't end up taking the job at the Mayo Clinic thanks to an exciting new project at Med, though Ava (Norma Kuhling) going to his father to fund the project in secret will likely be a source of drama later in the season.

Will you miss Reese? Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.