'Card Sharks' Host Joel McHale Reveals 'Unattractive' Celebrity He Looks Like in Exclusive Clip

Card Sharks is back for a second season with host Joel McHale, who brought his trademark humor to [...]

Card Sharks is back for a second season with host Joel McHale, who brought his trademark humor to the job last year. In an exclusive clip for PopCulture.com from Sunday's upcoming episode, McHale reveals which "unattractive" celebrity he has been compared to in the past — and his answer is hilarious!

In the sneak peek ahead of Sunday's new episode, McHale asks one contestant how many people thought someone told them they looked like an unattractive celebrity. The contestant shares how she's been compared to Oprah Winfrey or singer India.Arie, while McHale shares he has been told he looks like Billions actor Paul Giamatti. "Those are good looking people," McHale tells her, to which she replies. "They're beautiful. I just don't feel like I look like them."

ABC's Card Sharks revival returned Oct. 19, following production being put on hold over the summer due to the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview with PopCulture, McHale noted how the show was one of the first to go back before the cameras in Hollywood. The show's staff was put in separate "zones" to help limit the interactions between departments. There was a false positive during production though, which resulted in a whole group being removed from the studio. But since then, production went along without a hitch.

"The protocol worked, and everyone was safe, and we tested every day, so it worked. It makes me happy because I want to work and get back to work and I want the entertainment business to keep going because without it, I will be destitute," McHale joked. "Now I'm signing on to do some shows and some movies, and they all have all the protocols in place. So, it's great."

The new episodes also do not have any audience members. At first, this took McHale some time in getting used to, but he eventually did. "We allowed each player to have two or three of their family members — they're in their bubble and sometimes they made up for a whole audience, and it actually allowed me to talk directly to all of them," McHale explained.

Card Sharks is among a wave of revived primetime game shows for ABC, which also airs new editions of Supermarket Sweep, Celebrity Family Feud, and Match Game. Although McHale's Card Sharks' format is not too different from the original series that debuted in 1978, there are a few changes. "I think there's a lot more comedy — like, in the old ones, they are flying through the games, and they just do game after game after game after game," McHale told PopCultue of the new game show revivals. "And the money we're giving away is much bigger."

Card Sharks airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, check your local listings. For more on Card Sharks, Joel McHale and all your favorite stars, stay tuned to PopCulture for more!