Subway Accused of Wrongly Charging Woman $1,000 for a Sandwich

Three subs should never cost $1,000.

A Columbus, Ohio woman has been living in hell since one fateful Jan. 5 purchase at a local Subway. Letitia Bishop stopped at a local Subway sandwich shop to purchase three sandwiches for her family and learned she was charged over $1,000 for the order. "There's no way, unless it's wrapped in gold or from some other place. I would never pay $1,010 for a Subway sandwich," Bishop told WSYX, an ABC affiliate station. When she tried to rectify the situation, she was met with dead ends. 

She immediately ran back into the Subway shop inside the gas station and discovered it was suddenly closed. "I talked to the Subway person in person, and just was trying to see what was going on, and to see if they can instantly credit me back. They told me I had to get hold of Subway [directly]. There's no phone number that leads to a live person," she said. Since then, she's tried unsuccessfully to reach a Subway representative on the matter, and has even gone as far as disputing it with her bank to no avail. 

"I'm just trying to make ends meet at this point," she said. "Stressed, overwhelmed -- I couldn't get groceries at one point because my account was negative," she explained. 

Lee Anne Lanigan is the director of consumer relations and investigations from the Better Business Bureau and gave advice on what next steps Bishop could take. She advises all shoppers to try and use credit instead of debit, as credit card companies provide more security. 

Bishop can also contact the Better Business Bureau, Lanigan suggested. "[She can] file a complaint with the Cromwell Connecticut Business Bureau, where Subway is an accredited business, which they pledge to respond to any complaints brought to their attention," Lanigan said.

Lanigan says what happened to Bishop could be considered theft, and she should file a police report. "She could take that to her bank and say, 'Here's my receipt, and here's where you gave them a thousand dollars. If you can't make this right for me I'm willing to file a fraud affidavit,'" Lanigan said.