Baby Bent in Half and Bitten by Father Has Died

A 6-month-old boy who was hospitalized after his father bent him in half and bit him has now died, CBS affiliate KPHO-TV reports.

Charges will likely be upgraded for 30-year-old Robert Anthony Resendiz, who was charged with abuse after his son was taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital on Dec. 19 with injuries doctors said were "not survivable."

Resendiz called emergency dispatchers at 12:45 p.m. and told him he woke to find his son "unresponsive and not breathing." Doctors later determined the young boy suffered lacerations to the liver and pancreas, as well as a wrist fracture and bruising on his thigh.

In his interview with police, Resendiz allegedly confessed to "pressing the infant's legs over his head and bending his body in order to stop the victim from crying." He told police he used about 65 percent of his strength while applying pressure to his son.

"Robert also stated he had bit the infant two times on the body out of frustration," the police officer wrote.


Two days after he was brought to the hospital, the baby passed away.

Although the father was initially charged with suspicion of felony child abuse, the charges will likely change now that his son has died.