Oprah Winfrey Pays for Dozens of Billboards Featuring Breonna Taylor Outside Louisville

Oprah Winfrey is calling for justice in the case of Breonna Taylor. The mogul had featured Taylor [...]

Oprah Winfrey is calling for justice in the case of Breonna Taylor. The mogul had featured Taylor on the cover of her publication, O Magazine, this month, marking the first time anyone other than Winfrey has been featured.

Now, Winfrey and O Magazine are continuing to bring attention to Taylor with 26 billboards across the city of Louisville, Kentucky, according to WLKY. The number signifies Taylor's age before she was shot by police in her home in Louisville back in March in a botched drug raid. Each billboard will feature the cover image of Taylor along with a simple call to action. "Demand that the police involved in killing Breonna Taylor be arrested and charged. Visit UntilFreedom.com."

The national social justice organization Until Freedom also announced recently that it would be moving its entire operation to Louisville. The group had previously organized the rally outside the home of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's home, which led to more than 80 arrests. The billboards will be going up through the weekend, with work completed by Monday.

Back in March, Taylor was shot approximately eight times in her apartment after police officers stormed the premises with a no-knock search warrant. Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, Det. Brett Hankinson, and Det. Myles Cosgrove were looking for two persons of interest suspected of selling controlled substances as part of a drug house. The two in question, though, were already in police custody, as well as lived in another location several miles away from Taylor's home. After the police barged in, Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired on the cops that rushed through, fearing a home invasion. No charges have been filed nearly two months after the altercation.

On May 21, the FBI opened an investigation into Tayor's killing. Her family has also filed a wrongful death lawsuit and claimed charges of battery, excessive force and gross negligence. None of the officers have been charged at this time. While the incident did not receive national attention at first, the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 26 did, which later brought more attention to Taylor.

Along with Floyd, Taylor became symbolic representations in the widespread civil rights protests across the U.S. and world-at-large, calling for an end to police brutality and larger systemic reforms. The protests have continued in several cities, even leading to some cities reallocating funds away from the police and into other community programs.