New TikTok Trend Can Cause 'a Lot of Diarrhea,' Expert Warns

The latest TikTok trend could be sending those who try it to the bathroom for extended periods of time, according to a gastroenterologist. The new "Ice Honey" challenge calls for users to chow down on blocks of frozen honey for a sweet treat, but could spell disaster for many doing it –– especially those who deal with fructose intolerance. "I actually have seen the videos, a few times," gastroenterologist Niket Sonpal shared with Nexstar. Sonpal is also an adjunct assistant professor of clinical medicine at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in NYC. "And the minute I saw it, my first thought was, 'That is a lot of sugar, that is a lot of honey, and that is a lot of diarrhea,'" he added.

As the videos show, users participating in the challenge take an empty water bottle, fill it with honey or a high fructose substitute and freeze it for some time before pouring it into their mouths. "There's a threshold that most people's bodies can withstand, even if they don't normally have problems with fructose," Sonpal explained. Unfortunately, the amount of sugar that's ingested for this challenge goes far beyond the recommended amount experts would suggest. "That's why this iced honey challenge has probably given a decent number of people diarrhea," Sonpal continued.


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A few TikTokers said the trend wound up giving them a tough trip to the toilet later, one user even joking that she needed to have her "stomach pumped." But it doesn't only affect those with fructose issues –– there could be other effects to worry about. Children under 2 shouldn't be eating honey due to risks of botulism, the specialist shares. "You still may notice some gastrointestinal discomfort, because it's a large sugar load that's hitting the stomach. You'll feel like you ate too many cupcakes in one sitting — bloated, loose bowels, lethargic. And doing it chronically, to get views, can lead to long-lasting effects," says Sonpal. "We're not made like Pooh Bear," he adds. "In fact, if Winnie the Pooh was accurate, [it would] show Pooh on the toilet most of the time."