Nancy Pelosi: Salon Owner Erica Kious Receives Backlash From Customers, Social Media Following Leaked Footage

The San Francisco salon owner now at the center of political controversy following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recent visit, is receiving backlash on social media after leaking the footage to Fox News. Although Pelosi's visit was seemingly in violation of local coronavirus ordinances, Erica Kious, the owner of eSalon, says that she is now also on the receiving end of the criticism.

Speaking with Fox News Thursday shortly after Pelosi claimed the ordeal was a "setup," something Kious has denied, Kious explained that "since this happened I have received nothing but hate text messages, death threats." She said that she has received threats that people are "going to burn my hair salon down, my Yelp page is just unbelievable with bad reviews." That backlash is apparent on Kious's most recent Instagram posts, where the comments section has been flooded with people reacting to the controversy.

Although Kious' most recent posts are dated in January, the comments section is alight with fresh comments. While some have applauded Kious and expressed disappointment that her business is being affected, others seem to believe that Pelosi is right in her claims it was a setup.

In one comment, somebody noted how it was "ridiculous" how she "allowed Pelosi into your salon and then chastised her for coming in." That person further added that as the owner, "you either have control of your own business or you don't. Ridiculous." Another user pointed out that both Kious and Pelosi "are in the wrong," as Kious and the booth renter "scheduled an in-salon appointment" despite the local ordinances, allowing Pelosi "special treatment to be able to come there breaking shutdown rules so both are in the wrong."


In a lengthier comment, another person condemned Kious and the situation as a whole, writing that "Pelosi more than likely paid an arm and a leg to go there which benefited the salon owner" and Kious "more than likely got a PPP loan and EIDL Loan so her salon is." That commenter noted that "several California salons," amid the lockdowns, have done "private one on one" during which other patrons are not in the business. That writer added, "it was cringeworthy to watch" Kious' remarks when speaking with Tucker Carlson as "she knows she did that as a setup or the video would never have gone public." That individual, however, did offer a small defense of Kious, noting that "most people would take an opportunity like that and make it into a story for headlines because we live in a TMZ world now where everyone wants their moment."

As a result of the backlash, Kious's friend, in a GoFundMe page, explained that Kious "is now being forced to shut down and relocate her business and family due to outrage and threats she is receiving." The page, which has raised nearly $130,000 as of this posting, adds that Kios "is overwhelmed by the flood of support and is grateful for those who are willing to speak out and stand up along her side."