'F— Jon Voight': 'Ray Donovan' Star Frank Whaley Accuses Jon Voight of Smacking Him Across the Face on Set

Frank Whaley, the co-star in the Ray Donovan series, didn't hold back on Twitter when Jon Voight was seen providing an introduction for President Donald Trump during the Republican National Convention. Kicking off the first night of the convention, Voight lent his voice to the narration and could be heard describing Trump as "a man who cares, a man who loves America and all Americans."

After Voight's segment, Whaley decided to let the cat of the bag and shared a story on set between him and Voight, accusing his co-star of slapping him across the face after a scene. Whaley led off by simply saying, "F— Jon Voight," before delving into the details of the incident in question. He also shared a photo of the alleged slap that he says was captured by a photographer on set whom Voight "forgot" was there. In Ray Donovan, which was Showtime recently canceled after seven seasons, saw Voight play the part of Mickey Donovan, the father of Liev Schreiber's title character and the star of the series. Voight found success on the show, earning his fourth Golden Globe in 2014 for Best Supporting Actor in a Series. He also received a pair of nominations in the same category at the Emmy Awards in 2013 and 2015. Whaley appeared in the first season as FBI Agent Van Miller.


In his video, Voight also noted Trump as a "true leader to solve problems" and applauded his actions in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. Voight pointed to him providing a direction for a "full economic recovery" as a major win for Trump while "Democrats want to keep businesses closes down." Making his appearance notable, as pointed out by The Hill, was that his inclusion in the video was contrary to the Republican's reaction to the prior week's Democratic National Convention. That four-night event saw a list of celebrities involved in speaking, including Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, Tracee Ellis Ross and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.