Ivanka Trump's $1,600 Dress Sparked Mockery and Tons of Hilarious Memes

Ivanka Trump recently donned a $1,600 dress for a visit to Colombia, but the First Daughter suffered some very unexpected circumstances that have sparked mockery and tons of hilarious memes on Twitter. For the visit with Colombian officials and police cadets, Trump wore a dress by local designer Johanna Ortiz. The dress was a dark green color, and featured some large sleeves that blow up very large when a gust of wind rolled through. Ever since the photos went viral, social media users have been mercilessly ridiculing them.

The [Ivanka Flaps] are the latest in new flying technology. Developed by DARPA, the new flying dress will rival James Bond's jet-pack & the flying skateboard invented by that Frenchman. #Ivanka likes to fly away from the fantasy world created by her father," one person joked.

[Ivanka Trump] studied fashion right?" another user sarcastically asked. "Good Lord she should ask for her tuition back because they didn't teach her a damn thing! I mean seriously this Venus Fly Trap of a dress looks like it's eating [Ivanka Trump]'s arms!"

Someone else quipped, "I care what kind of sleeves are on that dress because [Ivanka Trump] is on the 'Magical Lettuce Wrap-Roasted Onion Sleeve Dress Tour.'"

"IVANKA TRUMP: I have decided to dedicate three silk Ralph Lauren artichoke petals off of my green Middle East peace treaty dress, to help the children of Alabama suffering from my daddy's storm," one other user tweeted.

"Cut Ivanka Trump some slack. She's wearing this dress under doctor's orders to keep her from biting her upper arms," a fifth person joked.

"It annoys the hell out of me that the person chosen to represent the US chooses to dress like a plant," another user wrote. "But given current situation, it has to be placed at bottom of the What-the-hell-has -this-administration-done-now priority list."


At this time, Trump does not appear to have commented on her unfortunate fashion faux pas.

Photo Credit: Getty Images