Estate of Las Vegas Shooter Hit With $2 Million Claim by Victim

Another claim has been filed in the estate of Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 people in October at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Kelly Herrington says she was shot by Paddock, and demands compensation.

In her claim, which was obtained by The Blast, Herrington says her injuries from the shooting not only traumatized her, they cost her a fortune in medical bills, and lost her a significant amount of income while she was out of work recovering. She says she's owed $2 million by the Paddock estate, which is believed to be substantial.

Herrington's husband has also entered a claim. He says that he "witnessed the injuries" sustained by his wife, and he "has been harmed and incurred damages." He expects $250,000 for his losses.

"As a result of Stephen Paddock's tortious and criminal conduct, and the injuries and damages suffered by Kelly Herrington," read Herrington's court documents in part, "Creditor Matthew Herrington has been harmed and incurred damages. Matthew Herrington has a claim for loss of consortium and negligent infliction of emotional distress in the amount of $250,000."

The Herringtons aren't the only ones looking for a piece of Paddock's wealth after the devastating attack. While Paddock's exact net worth is not known, it's believed he was a multi-millionaire, with valuable assets and real estate holdings around the country. His family has been fighting a legal battle on multiple fronts to maintain control of his money, while promising to disburse it for the benefit of his victims.


In addition to the Herringtons, the family of Keri Gelvan — who was killed by Paddock — is seeking $45 million from the estate for their losses.

Meanwhile, in California, there are five lawsuits open against Paddock's estate, representing hundreds of his victims. That suit seeks to distribute the shooter's wealth without the influence of his surviving family.