Donald Trump Getting Roasted Online for Saying 'God Bless the Memory of Those Who Perished in Toledo' After Dayton, Ohio Shooting

President Donald Trump is getting roasted online for saying "God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo," after the recent Dayton, Ohio shooting. Trump made the comment during a Monday morning speech, and social media was quick to respond.

"Trump, struggling with a bad case of what appears to be dry mouth, falsely claimed the Ohio mass shooting took place in Toledo. (It happened in Dayton.)," one person tweeted. Another user fired off, "I didn't believe it. I had to rewind the DVR three times. He said 'may God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo.' "

"It is strange watching this speech being analyzed as a serious text when the president got the name of the city wrong at the end. Presumably someone on his staff wrote Toledo instead of Dayton, and no one caught it, not even the president," the user added.

"I understand flubbing a couple of words like he did, assuming he was (thankfully) reading from a script. And anyway, we are so used to him slurring his words. But I honestly cannot understand how he called out the wrong city. Horrifying," someone else said.

One other person commented, "This man is so devoid of empathy he can't even make a speech about the carnage that just happened in these mass shootings without using a Teleprompter. He must be afraid he might accidentally say the shooters were 'fine people.' "

"It was Dayton, not Toledo, Trump. Also it's white supremacy, misogyny & access to guns, not video games. It's white supremacy, misogyny & access to guns, not mental illness. It's white supremacy, misogyny & access to guns, not lone wolves," a fifth user added.

Is it too much to ask that we have a President who can get the name of the city that just suffered a massacre right? It's not Toledo. It's Dayton. This guy is a f—ing embarrassment," attorney, and notorious Trump critic, Michael Avenatti tweeted.


The tragic Dayton shooting claimed the lives of nine victims, with another 27 reported injured. The shooter was also killed.