Did a Ghost Remove This Dog's Collar? TikTok Thinks So

Paranormal believers are perplexed by a viral video that seems to show a dog's collar coming unclasped spontaneously. It comes from TikTok user Shannyfangtg, who posted a clip from her home security camera where her two dogs were in crates while home alone. Something was really upsetting the animals, and when one of their collars popped off, viewers fear it was a spirit or a ghost.

Shannyfangtg's video is 48 seconds long, and it was first posted about a month ago. It shows two dogs in separate crates barking wildly, but the dog on the right is the one to watch. Both look alert and upset, and their voices reach an alarmingly high pitch before they stop at the same time, and the black dog's collar simply falls off. The dog has an intense physical reaction as if an unseen hand has unclasped the collar. Some commenters believe it was the work of an otherworldly force.


sorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning. watch my black dog. ghost takes her collar off in her crate. #fyp #ghost #dog #scary #wtf

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Shannyfantg is from Phoenix, Arizona, according to a report by Newsweek. She posted two more clips of her alleged haunting on Sunday, including things falling off of her counter and gates swinging open without being touched. Still, neither had quite the impact of her dog video.

"Sorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning. Watch my black dog. Ghost takes her collar off in her crate," Shannyfantg wrote. Commenters also claim they can hear something just before the collar falls off — possibly a whisper or a mumble. Many encouraged each other to turn the volume up and listen for themselves.

As the video picked up some momentum online, Shannyfantg added more details in comments on TikTok. She wrote: This happened about a year after moving into this house, nothing happened for almost two years, now things are happening again." It's not clear where the video was taken, but viewers have speculated wildly about the location and the circumstances that could have led to this apparent haunting.

"I've never seen such a convincing ghost video," one user wrote. Another added: "They both got super quiet... They felt the energy, while a third commented: "You can physically hear the snap being undone. Like it wasn't just loose before that and fell off."

"That poor dog. They both knew there was someone there," read another top comment. For those concerned about the dogs, Shannyfantg left another comment explaining why they are kept in the crate while she is out of the house. She wrote: For everyone complaining about the crates, they have to be in there for their safety. They will [eat] everything. They are only in there for two maybe three hours."


Shannyfantg has not responded to other news outlets' requests for further comment. Many users are calling on their favorite paranormal investigators to devote some time to this case.