WWII Veteran Recovers From Coronavirus: 'I Survived the Foxholes of Guam, I Can Get Through This Bulls—'

A WWII veteran has revealed that he was diagnosed with coronavirus, but that he has since recovered and is doing well. In his own words, 95-year-old Bill Kelly of Oregon said of the health battle, "I survived the foxholes of Guam, I can get through this bulls—."

The Oregonian reports that Kelly began feeling unwell on March 15, first showing signs of the illness with a low-grade fever. Due to other medical issues he suffers from — such as kidney disease, a congenital heart condition, and high blood pressure — his family took him to the hospital. After being kept overnight, Kelly felt much better and headed home the following day. Normally, Kelly's situation would not spark COVID-19 concerns, but his grandaughter's husband is a medical evacuation pilot and had recently flown with some patients who were potentially exposed to the virus. After a test was completed on Kelly and his grandaughter, 41-year-old Rose Etherington, it was discovered that Kelly had coronavirus. Notably, Etherington tested negative, and no one else in their household was tested at all.

Speaking about what it was like being quarantined together Etherington said, "It was seven days where we treated the poor guy like a leper," referring to how they had to avoid Kelly at all cost, and disinfect anything he touched.

Now, however, it seems that family is past the worst of it. "We're doing just fine here. We're toughing it out." Kelly said. "I've got two great-grandsons to keep me busy. I've been very fortunate." Etherington added, "I know this has been hard for so many people. I hope that Grandpa Bill can be a source of hope and inspiration."

Etherington previously revealed Kelly's diagnosis in a Facebook post, explaining what he was dealing with, and then writing, "Grandpa Bill is as tough as nails. He lived through the Great Depression and was amongst the first boots to set foot in the South Pacific during WW2."

She added, "He has strong mental resolve. He has seen tough times and knows how to get through them," and then shared Kelly's personal advice to everyone. "Always be grateful. Thank God continually for what he has blessed you with," Kelly stated. "Don't get caught up in the peripheral things of this earth, because everything can disappear, just like that. Family is most important. Stick together, take care of each other."

" If grandpa Bill can pull through this with a positive attitude, we can too! Please keep grandpa Bill and the rest of us in your prayers," Etherington later added.


At this time, medical experts continue to encourage U.S. citizens to practice social distancing and regularly washing their hands, to help limit the spread of coronavirus.