Coronavirus Lockdown: Grocery Rules to Follow Amid Pandemic Shopping Trips

As the uncertainty around COVID-19 continues to grow, families across the U.S. are stocking up on food for a just-in-case scenario, but now a few experts are coming forward with a little advice for the American people. According to CNN, there is a way to stock up on food, be quarantined and continue a healthy diet, it's simply all in the way you buy and store certain goods. When shopping, it's important to buy foods that will last and utilize the freezer for meats, fruits, veggies and more.

"Though it might look a little different than normal, it's possible to eat healthfully when stuck at home," Alyssa Pike, a registered dietitian and manager of nutrition communications at the International Food Information Council said. "Choosing shelf-stable foods like canned goods, pastas, rice and legumes and utilizing your freezer — [where] you can store breads, meats, vegetables, fruits and more — are great ways to ensure you have a nice variety when your trips to the grocery store are limited."

While there is a sense of panic, Pike, along with President Donald Trump on behalf of store retailers, are encouraging people to just buy what they need for a week or two and not drain the stores of their goods or deprive others who need supplies and goods as well.

"Right now there's no indication that good retailers will be unable to meet the demand of consumers," Pike continued. "It's also important to consider the needs of others and not overbuy."

A few great dry goods to buy are: beans and legumes, canned fish, nut butters, whole-wheat and bean pastas, quinoa, brown rice, steel-cut oats, high fiber cereal, canned, sugar-free fruits and vegetables, dried fruit, popcorn and even chocolate. To go with that, stock up on water, shelf-stable milk and coffee.


For the freezer: bread, deli meat, fresh seafood, along with additional fruits and veggies. Also, buying foods and making in bulk so that people can freeze has also been a suggested idea.

Since businesses are shutting down by the day and workers are being forced to file for unemployment, Aldi and Costco have stepped up requesting temporary help as their sales have surged in recent weeks. Their staff is short by a lot and have reached out to the public requesting applications. Both stores have clarified that they are looking to hire immediately and when someone has applied, they are encouraged to contact a store manager.