That Dog Who Watched His Owner Dig His Grave Is Going to Be Just Fine, But Twitter Had Words

You're The Worst writer Franklin Hardy went viral on Wednesday when he revealed that his father had his dog watch him dig his grave. Thankfully the fatal diagnosis was a false alarm, but the bizarre incident had Twitter users wondering how the dog feels about it.

Hardy shared two photos of his father's beautiful golden dog watching his father dig the grave after the veterinarian called to say the dog had to be put down.

"The vet told my dad on the phone (??) that his dog had to be put down and he’d come to his house and do it. My dad dug the dog’s grave AND LET THE DOG WATCH. Then the vet came and checked the dog and said it was a false alarm. Oops! Dog’s fine! Everything about this is insane," Hardy wrote.

Hardy said his father defended the vet, and said the grave digging did not seem to "bother" the dog. "Was a little hard on me though," his father said.

After watching the hilarious replies come in, Hardy provided an update on the dog. "Since people are asking, my dad says the dog is doing 'famously,'" Hardy wrote.

Twitter users provided some hilarious responses to the situation.

"I was digging up and planting a garden for my mom a few years ago. As I dug the ground further and further away from my childhood home, Mom yelled out from the deck 'Don’t dog any farther or you’ll dig up Freeway.'" comedian Pete Zedlacher wrote. "Freeway was my childhood dog. I would not have stopped screaming."

"I’d have a miraculous recovery if I saw someone digging my grave," one Twitter users wrote.

"Come on! My dog loves when I dig. She prob loved all that dirt flying around. What's a grave to a dog? Nothing but a terrific hole," one dog lover wrote. "She's proud of dad! Glad she gets to hang around for a while longer. Very cute pup."

"One time my dad was convinced our very old cat was about to die and put him in a box before we went to school/work but an hour after we came home this cat strolls up to us meowing like it never happened. Cat lived on for another 3 years," another Twitter user shared.


Hardy is a sitcom writer/producer whose credits include You're The Worst, The Mick and How To Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life). Hopefully he can sell a pilot based on his father's dog-grave digging.

Photo credit: Franklin Hardy/Twitter