Ariana Grande Rocks a New Hairstyle Complete With Bangs

Ariana Grande shared her sleek and stylish new hairstyle on Instagram. What's different for the pop star? Bangs!

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Wearing a t-shirt, ironically saying "The Future," Grande shared her new hair with the world for the first time.

Well, at least that was the first time fans of the "Dangerous Woman" singer could actually see her new style. According to ET, she had shared two other selfies earlier. One was too dark to make out any features, except for the knowing wink she gave the camera, and the other she cleverly covered her face with her phone.

Grande did tweet about the big change, saying, "Change. Feeling free. Happy. Banginnnnnn." But she has since deleted that and instead tweeted a series of messages about how change is good.

"Life is wild," she tweeted. "Why do y'all always gotta be right about everything I love you. ty for loving me and caring and having my best interest at heart. I love u."


Not many people can pull off bangs, but Ariana Grande certainly can.