WWE: Stephanie McMahon's Grandmother Dies at 93

Stephanie McMahon, the Chief Brand Officer of WWE, went to Twitter on Thursday to announce her grandmother, Evelyn Edwards, died last week. She was 93 years old. Edwards was the mother of Linda McMahon, the former President and CEO of WWE.

"Last week my 93 yr old grandmother passed peacefully, surrounded by people who love her," Stephanie McMahon wrote. "One of the last things she said to me was, 'Let there be love.' Love is what heals us all. To anyone who is hurting or struggling, I send my love to you. #RIPMima Thank you for everything."

A number of WWE Superstars sent messages to McMahon to express their condolences. Mickie James wrote: "Oh no! I’m just seeing this. Sending you all so much love right back Steph. We could all use a lot of love these days. 93 is an incredible life! May we all be so blessed." Charlotte Flair, R-Truth, Andrade, and WWE correspondent Kayla Braxton also sent messages to McMahon. As mentioned by ComicBook.com, Edwards played a role in Linda and Vince McMahon meeting each other when they were teenagers. She also worked with Vince's mother, Victoria Askew, in the same military base in North, Carolina.

Stephanie McMahon is just like the entire family when it comes to being part of WWE. She worked in the offices in New York at a young age and worked her way up the ladder. She was named Chief Brand Officers of WWE in 2013, and when talking about her career, she said her father was surprised to hear her say she wanted to enter the pro wrestling business.

“It was funny,” Stephanie McMahon said on SportsNet's Top of Her Game. "When I was about 16, he pulled me aside and we were taking a walk. And he said, 'So, what do you think you want to study? What do you want to do?' And I was like, ‘Dad, I want to be in the business [of pro wrestling]!' And he looked at me so shocked because I think he assumed that about my brother, but he didn’t think that about me. And I was like, 'Dad, why do you think I sat in all of your creative meetings?" McMahon has also seen action in the ring over the years, winning WWE Women's Championship in 2000.