Texas Rangers Outfielder Joey Gallo Shows Why His Neighbors Aren't Happy Amid Self-Quarantine

Major League Baseball has been inactive since early March due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The league [...]

Major League Baseball has been inactive since early March due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The league suspended spring training — sending all players and team members home — while delaying opening day. Keeping fresh for the season while remaining in self-quarantine has become far more difficult, but Texas Rangers star Joey Gallo has a unique solution.

The veteran outfielder posted a video on his Twitter account that showed how he is practicing his skills. He had set up a tee and a net in his dining room and was hitting baseballs with all his might. "I'm sorry neighbors," he wrote in the caption of the TikTok video. He also explained that those living around him in what appeared to be a high rise may not be particularly happy with him as he remains in self-quarantine.

As someone that has hit 110 home runs in five seasons with the Rangers, Gallo has shown that he has plenty of power in his body. This piece of information led to many fans on Twitter stating that they were shocked that he had managed to avoid breaking at least one window in his home.

The brief video only showed part of the apartment, but there was a multitude of floor-to-ceiling windows. One errant swing of the bat could have resulted in some costly damage and a considerable mess.

Some fans, however, were far more interested in what would happen if the windows weren't present. "Open a window and see how far you can send one," a curious Twitter user wrote. Another said to send the baseball north up Texas State Highway 75. They know that Gallo has some range and want to see it in a real-world scenario.

The 2019 All-Star is not the only MLB player keeping his skills fresh while practicing social distancing. Boston Red Sox first baseman Michael Chavis posted a video on his Instagram account recently that showed him getting some practice in his yard. He would launch a ball across the street and then proceed to run the bases while other people stood more than six feet away and watched.

"I'm taking advantage of this opportunity to get away from all the noise of everyday life and get outside away from screens," Chavis wrote in the caption. "It's been extremely refreshing and actually enjoyable. Find the positives they're always out there! Everybody stay positive and safe out there!"

Continued coronavirus concerns have led to the belief that the MLB season may not be returning when expected. Gallo, Chavis, and their fellow players will have to continue finding unique ways to keep their skills fresh, which will likely be documented on social media.

Photo Credit: Jason Miller/Getty Images