Auto Club 400: 'SEAL Team' Star David Boreanaz Fires up NASCAR Fans With 'Start Your Engines' Command

Sunday afternoon, SEAL Team star David Boreanaz was the grand marshal of the Auto Club 400 in [...]

Sunday afternoon, SEAL Team star David Boreanaz was the grand marshal of the Auto Club 400 in Fontana, California. This meant that he would be tasked with saying the most iconic words in NASCAR. He did just that, grabbing the microphone and shouting "Drivers, start your engines!" prior to the race.

Boreanaz started out quietly enough while thanking veterans and those currently serving in the military. However, this was fairly short-lived. He fired up the crowd and drivers alike after shouting the command. Everyone in attendance at the Auto Club Speedway was even more ready for this race to start.

"That's how you give the command!!" one NASCAR fan wrote on Twitter after watching Boreanaz. Several others chimed in and expressed their support for the longtime actor. They were simply impressed with his delivery and felt that it was the perfect precursor for Sunday's action in Fontana, California.

When Boreanaz was unveiled as the grand marshal for Sunday's race, there was an expectation that he would deliver one of the better commands of the 2020 NASCAR season. President Donald Trump went with a more subdued approach prior to the Daytona 500, but the fans were hoping that the SEAL Team star would go in the opposite direction.

"I had a feeling he would give a energetic command," another racing fan added to the conversation. They had certain expectations for Boreanaz, and he certainly fulfilled them on Sunday.

With the command given to start the engines, the actor was able to focus on enjoying the Auto Club 400 with his castmates. There were several members of the SEAL Team in attendance on Sunday, and they were all rooting for driver Austin Dillon.

One reason for their support is that Dillon will be appearing in an upcoming episode of the CBS show. His exact role is unknown, but it has been teased that he will be providing driving lessons to Boreanaz and the other team members.

For now, however, Dillon is focused on securing a victory during Sunday's Auto Club 400. He was in the middle of the 38-driver field after 20 laps, putting him in decent position to fight for a top spot. Although the SEAL Team actors would prefer for him to be among the top drivers throughout the race.

(Photo Credit: Jim Spellman/Getty Images)