Scott Steiner 'Doing Well' Amid Hospitalization, Tommy Dreamer Says

Scott Steiner, the WWE and WCW wrestling legend, is currently hospitalized after an alleged [...]

Scott Steiner, the WWE and WCW wrestling legend, is currently hospitalized after an alleged collapse backstage at an IMPACT Wrestling event. While official details on what caused the medical scare are still not public, fellow wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer has updated Steiner's condition. The ECW icon is currently with "Big Poppa Pump" at the hospital, as is wrestler Joey Ryan and IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D'Amore. Dreamer says that Steiner, 57, is "doing well" and "under great care."

He also asked wrestling fans to "say a prayer" for Steiner, who is also known by his nicknames "Big Bad Booty Daddy" and the "Genetic Freak."

D'Amore noted in a tweet of his own that Steiner "is OK."

As far as what caused the hospitalization, it is unclear. Several reporters noted that he was in the IMPACT locker room while taping material for an upcoming broadcast when he collapsed. At the time, he was said to be not doing well at all, with reports saying the situation could be characterized as "very serious" and "rough."

"According to a source, wrestling legend Scott Steiner was rushed to the hospital and unfortunately I'm told the situation appears to be very serious,"'s Brad Shepard wrote late Friday night. "I'm told Scott Steiner collapsed in the [IMPACT WRESTLING] locker room, after being part of the show earlier."

"Things are looking rough for Scott Steiner. He was rushed to the hospital after collapsing while at Impact doing pre tapes,"'s Sean Ross Sapp wrote. "I don't want to go into much more detail beyond that, but keep him in your thoughts."

Early Saturday morning just minutes after D'Amore's and Dreamers' updates, Shepard provided new context to the situation. He alleges that it was a "life or death situation" with Steiner not breathing at one point. However, the wrestler, who is a one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and two-time WWF Tag Team Champion, is considered "stable."

"Update: A source indicated Scott Steiner is now stable and expected to recover from what was a legitimate life and death situation," Shepard wrote. "I'm told he stopped breathing at one point and they had to shock his heart. Credit to a quick response by on location medical personnel."

Neither Steiner nor his family have spoken out about his condition as of press time.

Photo Credit: WWE