Patriots Fan Adds Bill Belichick Tattoo to 'Leg Sleeve of Geniuses'

In modern America, it's not surprising when a football fan unveils a tattoo honoring their favorite team. The Steelers and their six Super Bowl wins are often featured, as are the Cowboys and their wins from the 1990s. However, one football fan is changing up the tattoo game with her portrait of Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick.

Following the unveiling of the sixth championship banner in week one, Boston resident and Patriots fan Nicole Gavin spent 6.5 hours getting a tattoo of the coach known for his hoodie. Ryan Jones of Real Art Studios in Taunton did the piece, and added critical details, such as a Bose headset, a pencil in the ear, and signature grimace on Belichick's face.

To make the tattoo more interesting, it's actually a foundational piece of a leg sleeve that will be dedicated to geniuses. Albert Einstein is already a permanent fixture in the sleeve, and now Belichick is joining him.

What's fascinating about this tattoo is that Gavin only underwent one session to get the Patriots head coach immortalized on the sleeve. 6.5 hours is an extremely long session, but she wanted this piece complete in only one day.

"Whenever I have an idea, [Ryan Jones] is willing to get me in there," Gavin said, per Inked Magazine. "I just tell him what I want, and he does the rest. I don't need to look at 1,000 pictures. I trust him to do size, I trust him for colors. I don't even look at it until he's done.

"I have a ton of tattoos," Gavin continued. "I still haven't had time to count. I'm on my way to being covered."

Will she continue to add Patriots tattoos to the collection, or will the portrait of Belichick be the main sign of her fandom? The answer is unknown, but it's very likely that another Super Bowl victory could lead to another piece by Jones.


The one thing that is certain at this point is that Gavin views Belichick as a true genius. Considering all that he has achieved since taking over as the Patriots head coach, this viewpoint is understandable.