Paige VanZant Reveals How She Deals With a 'Hater' on Social Media (Exclusive)

Paige VanZant has taken her share of heat on social media over the past few years. Whether it's fans not liking a recent post or just criticizing her performance in the ring or octagon, VanZant has heard it all. So how does she deal with the criticism? recently caught up with VanZant, who revealed how she deals with people who hate on her.

"You know what? I was talking to Tyron Woodley, and he said something that couldn't be more true, that a hater never lost me a fight, and a fan never won me a fight, so why should I care what any of them say?" VanZant told PopCulture. "And I think that's going into this next one is it's so true. There's nothing that anybody can say online that either won or lost me a fight, so I might as well just not really pay too much attention to it."

This is true, especially now as VanZant is coming off a loss to Rachael Ostovich in BKFC 19. VanZant quickly exited the ring when it was announced Ostovich won as VanZant beat her when both were in UFC. VanZant has two more fights left on her contract and will look to bounce back very soon.

In the meantime, VanZant will continue to grab attention for her social media posts. Additionally, the 27-year-old is interacting with her fans with her own website. This is an opportunity where VanZant can post whatever she wants while fans pay a subscription fee for her exclusive content.

"It took me a long time to get to the point where I felt comfortable starting the exclusive fan site. I go through a company called FanTime. I really appreciated that they let me create my own domain name. I get to choose exactly what goes on there, when to post, how I engage with my fans. And I had been asked for years about making an exclusive content site like that, and I was kind of on the fence. But now that I have, I absolutely love the experience. I'm really, really happy that I did."


VanZant continued: "And it gives me the opportunity to really engage one-on-one more with the fans that want to see a little bit more of me, that are willing to actually pay to spend time with me. And I feel like those fans, when you're subscribing to a site like this, then they're obviously really big fans. Everything on there is just positive, because, obviously, they're paying money to spend time with me. I love engaging with every fan on there. I try to message back. Every day, I try to get back to every single person that I can. It's been an awesome experience."