National Championship Opens With Cameraman Getting Trampled by LSU

Prior to Monday's National Championship game between the LSU Tigers and the Clemson Tigers, the players were given the opportunity to run out onto the field as part of an early celebration. Camera crews were on hand to capture this moment, but one particular operator took a very hard hit. They were run over by one of the LSU players and managed to capture the moment on film.

"LSU already trucking people including the cameraman. #LSUvsCLEM," one user wrote on social media during the game. Others said that the cameraman had taken the "first L" of the game. In their opinion, this meant that LSU would be winning by 70 points at least.

"The [ESPN] cameraman getting run over by LSU is classic," one individual added to the conversation. The majority of fans thought that this was an absolutely hilarious moment prior to the game, and they made sure to express this point-of-view on social media. Although some others had more pressing concerns.

Following this incident that was captured on national television, some users reached out and asked if the cameraman was ok. They wanted to make sure that there were no medical concerns and that the LSU players didn't cause any extra damage. Granted, they were certainly fewer in number than those that were simply laughing.

"I don't care who wins this game but the first loser of the game was that poor cameraman who got trampled as LSU came out of the locker room. [National Championship]," someone wrote on Twitter.

While the cameraman getting run over prior to the National Championship was drawing major attention, there were many others that actually brought up an incident from January 2019. A cameraman was filming head coach Ed Orgeron prior to an important game when they were knocked over. This time, however, the LSU coach stopped to help up the unfortunate soul.

This isn't actually the first time that a member of the media team has been run over prior to a major sporting event. A similar situation occurred prior to a Minnesota Vikings game.


Defensive tackle Linval Joseph ran out of the tunnel with his teammates and accidentally ran over man holding a parabolic microphone. The individual was absolutely leveled as many expressed concerns about his safety.

(Photo Credit: Alika Jenner/Getty Images)