'Madden NFL 24' Is 'Make or Break' Game for EA Sports, According to Report

With the 2022 NFL season-ending, the crew at EA Sports is working hard for the release of Madden NFL 24. But it looks like the upcoming video game could determine the future of the franchise. According to a recent report from Insider Gaming, EA Sports is taking a "make or break" approach with Madden NFL 24 following the recent issues with the franchise. Madden continues to be one of the best-selling sports games but recent editions of the game have received their share of backlash from fans. Some of the issues include bugs and shortcomings related to game modes. Additionally, franchise mode has been a major issue for fans as 60% of players lost their franchise mode saves permanently. 

EA Sports is reportedly placing big importance on sales of Madden NFL 24. And if the same issues happen in the new game, there could be some major changes set for the franchise leadership. Madden NFL 24 will be the last release of the game before EA Sports comes out with the college football video gameEA Sports College Football, in the summer of next year. 

The question is what will Madden NFL 24 include that will help bring the franchise back? According to Insider Gaming, the game will emphasize the single-player and offline modes. It will also emphasize getting franchise mode right. 

"For Franchise mode, sources say that the developers feel the mode is almost there with smaller additions — aside from the larger fixes to the database issues — being what's needed to keep players invested. That said, things like better contract management is said to be one of the higher priorities for the mode, though it's unclear if it will be ready for Madden 24," Insider Gaming wrote.   

Before Madden NFL 23 was released last year, senior producer Clint Oldenburg spoke to IGN about the issues with the franchise. "As a game developer, especially on a yearly sports title, it's not as much having thick skin as much as [needing] to have a great filter, because there's a reason that these players are going to say whatever they're going to say about the game, and you've got to figure out why," Oldenburg said. "And even if there's a hundred words in there that don't tell you why, there might be one or two that will tell you why, and that's what you got to focus on so that you make sure you're delivering the experience at its core, what those players are asking for."