Lance Armstrong Showers Son With Support Despite Sexual Assault Allegation

Lance Armstrong's son, Luke Armstrong, was arrested and accused of sexual assault in early April. [...]

Lance Armstrong's son, Luke Armstrong, was arrested and accused of sexual assault in early April. According to Page Six, the cyclist is standing by his son amid the controversy. He recently posted a photo on Instagram of himself and his son, in which he shared his love for him. Luke has been accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl three years ago in his father's Austin, Texas home.

In light of these allegations, Armstrong made his support for his son known on social media. On Friday, the athlete posted a photo of himself with his arm around his son as they took a walk outside. In his caption, he wrote that he's keeping his head up and his heart full. He continued, "You're my NORTH Luke. I love you." Armstrong's post came about a week after Luke was arrested in Texas and charged with sexual assault of a minor.

It has been alleged that in 2018, when Luke was 18 years old, he drove a 16-year-old girl who was intoxicated to his father's home in Austin, Texas. The accuser, who reported the incident in the fall of 2020, alleged that Luke picked her up from a party where she had been drinking. The individual, whose name has not been revealed, alleged that she woke up to Luke assaulting her on a couch in the residence. She also claimed that she did not remember riding to the location in Luke's car. In response to these allegations, Luke's attorney released a statement in which they denied the accusations. They also claimed that Luke was in a "consensual" relationship with the individual involved in this legal matter.

"What occurred three years ago in high school was not a crime and was not a sexual assault. It was a consensual relationship then and continued consensually between two young people with both ultimately going their separate ways," Luke's attorney, Randy Leavitt, stated. According to NBC News, authorities helped the accuser make a phone call to Luke in December 2020, during which he admitted to having sex with her at the time of the alleged incident. He claimed that he was drinking that night, as well. Luke, who is now 21 years old, is currently a student at Rice University.