Kobe Bryant Fans Continue to Get Emotional Online After Widow Vanessa Posts Latest Tribute to Late Laker, Daughter Gianna

Monday morning, Vanessa Bryant posted a highlight video on Instagram and reflected upon the deaths of her late husband, Kobe Bryant, and their daughter, Gianna. She wrote that life is truly unfair and that Bryant had fewer than four years of time with his family following his retirement in 2016. She did so on Monday, which has been known as "Mamba Day" since Bryant's final game.

Following this post surfacing on Instagram, fans of Bryant and the family showed their support on social media. They voiced the opinion that the late NBA icon should have been able to enjoy his retirement with his loved ones and that "2020 is garbage." Emotions were evident with a variety of comments about Bryant's life, death on Jan. 26 and Vanessa's time of mourning. Whether or not these individuals were fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, they were unified in the opinion that he should still be alive and with his family.

"I didn't always agree with his decisions but d— I respect the way he extracted the maximum out of his life. It's what I tell my son now...if theres one thing to takeaway from this, its how Kobe maxed out everything he endeavored. No. Short. Cuts," one person wrote on Twitter. Several others agreed with this statement and said that Bryant was the perfect role model for work ethic.


Bryant developed a reputation throughout his NBA career for pursuing greatness without failure every single day. According to Vanessa's post on Instagram, he also did so following his retirement. This constant effort led to him becoming an Oscar winner. He also opened Granity studios, became a best-selling author and served as a coach for Gianna's basketball team at the same time. This was a large list of achievements, and the NBA fans believe that it was more than what many other people have done.

"Vanessa your amazing husband did more in his three fruitful years of retirement than some people do in a lifetime! I only wish for you he had more with you. Rest in power indeed Mamba," another fan added to the conversation. There have been several fans commenting about adopting the "Mamba Mentality" following Bryant's death, and many have changed their lifestyle in order to further pursue greatness.