Juice WRLD: Milwaukee Bucks Alum Larry Sanders Hopes Rapper's Death Is a Wakeup Call to His Peers

Rapper Juice WRLD passed away at the age of 21 last week after suffering a seizure at an Airport. [...]

Rapper Juice WRLD passed away at the age of 21 last week after suffering a seizure at an Airport. Police said Juice WRLD swallowed a bunch of Percocet pills to hide them from the cops before he suffered the seizure. Drugs are a big issue in the hip hop industry and former Milwaukee Bucks player Larry Sanders is hoping that Juice WRLD's peers can learn from this and not make the same mistake he did.

"I think these kids are starting young and it's getting embedded into the culture," Sanders said to TMZ. "It's an epidemic. Hopefully, the kids can learn from these horrible mistakes and make better choices, but it seems like the outcome's the same."

Sanders has been known to deal with his demons and is a big advocate of mental health treatment. He went on to say "the conversation is what's gonna be important ... inspiring the youth to be brave enough to talk about how they feel."

What Sanders had to say about Juice WRLD is the same thing the rapper's family said about him in a statement to TMZ.

"We loved Jarad with all of our hearts and cannot believe our time with him has been cut short. As he often addressed in his music and to his fans, Jarad battled with prescription drug dependency," Juice WRLD's mother, Carmella Wallace, said in a statement to TMZ. "Addiction knows no boundaries and its impact goes way beyond the person fighting it. Jarad was a son, brother, grandson, friend and so much more to so many people who wanted more than anything to see him defeat addiction. We hope the conversations he started in his music and his legacy will help others win their battles as that is what he wanted more than anything."

Even though Juice WRLD had a problem with drugs, the cause of his death is still unknown despite an initial autopsy being done. There will be additional tests done to determine the cause of death which will include cardiac pathology, neuropathology, histology and toxicology, an official said.

Juice WRLD became popular with his hit "Lucid Dreams" which was released in 2017. He released the albums Goodbye & Good Riddance and Death Race for Love the last two years and both went certified gold.