Hulk Hogan Shares Photo of Wife Jennifer 'Back on the Beach' Just as Some Florida Beaches Reopen

The state of Florida drew recent criticism due to the announcement that several beaches would be reopened. The heavily-trafficked tourist areas had been briefly shut down in order to further prevent the spread of COVID-19, but residents were soon able to head back to the water. Hulk Hogan was among this group, which he proved with a photo taken at the beach.

Hogan tweeted a photo on Saturday morning showing that he and his wife were back on the sand. Jennifer was jumping in the air with the ocean in the background. As the professional wrestler explained, she was "jumping for joy" about being able to head to the beach once again. Feeling the sand between her toes was exciting for Jennifer, but it created some backlash on social media.

"I hope she doesn't get sick. Along with the other beach lovers going out there. Safety before enjoyment but that doesn't seem to matter in Florida," one person commented on Twitter. There were several users that weighed in with various statements about Hogan and Jennifer potentially spreading the coronavirus. Although this was not the only opinion.

Some fans of the professional wrestler, however, felt that it was perfectly acceptable for the couple to enjoy the day at the beach. Keeping away from the other people was critical, but this was possible while many residents remained in self-quarantine. These users just wanted Hogan to keep at least six feet away from the others on the beach.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry made an announcement via the city's official Twitter account on Thursday and revealed that the beaches in the area would be reopened. However, there would be some limitations. He explained that the beaches would only be open during select hours of the day, limited to "essential activities" and will still require the social distancing protocol to be kept in place by attendees.


In addition to the beaches, the city's parks would be partially reopened with similar rules. The pavilions and picnic areas will remain closed, but other areas can now be traversed by residents. "This can be the beginning of the pathway back to normal life," the mayor said. "Please respect and follow these limitations. Stay within the guidelines for your safety, as well as for the safety of your neighbors."

The state of Florida is currently striving to reopen specific areas and attractions and will do so in the coming weeks barring another spike in positive tests. The process may take some time, but Hogan is wasting no time. He and his wife are enjoying the ability to play on the beach.